Programs In Development

Here is a list of the public programs and projects we are working on and their estimated launch date:

  • Under the Activism.FYI group:
    • Dating for Activists: Yes, we are building a platform where people are matched based on their core and affiliated passions as they live out their lives. How exciting to meet people and get to know them based on their involvement in causes dear to your heart? We hope to have this active yet in 2019.
    • Activism Email: Are you tired of the GREAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN… The All Knowing GOOGLE? Well, so are we! We are building a Email Platform that will encompass the various aspects of the likes of GMAIL, but in an environment where we don’t collect, or store your content. And to be very frank, WE DON’T WANT IT! While we will sell banner and other advertisements, they will be limited and NOT directed at you specifically based on what you have in your email or other aspect. A true email system built by activists for activists. Look for this coming in 2020
    • Activism Gathering: This platform is designed to be the “Meetup” and events calendar for the activism world. We want here to be a central place for all those desiring to locate and get involved in making a difference to go to and find the local groups, chapters, and events going on in their area. We hope that this platform is live in the first part of 2020.
      Social for Activism: a versatility all encompassing social media platform specifically for the activist. One where we don’t collect and sell your data, one where we don’t censor opposing views, one where the bots are few and far between… That’s what we envision in our taking on the astronomical task of building a social media platform from the ground up. We hope this is LIVE in 2020.
    • Music Program – To help aspiring activists gain exposure for their musical interests and provide a platform for them to use their talents to get involved and help change the world. We are aiming for 2020 on this platform.
  • Colorado Families for Justice – A program committed to exposing the rampant corruption in Colorado, in relation to the issues with Child Protection Services, the Homeless, those involved in the Criminal Justice System, Family Farmers, those murdered by law enforcement.
  • Colorado State Public Defender – a website and program committed to exposing the corrupt and unlawful activities of the Colorado State Public Defenders office. As well as a website explaining the “big business” that the Colorado State Office of the Public Defender has become.
    • Website Identifying the Worst of the Worst involved in the Colorado Office of the State Public Defenders Office
    • General Information on the Colorado Office of the State Public Defender, your rights, and how to file a complaint against them.
    • We have an active Facebook Page related to this program and our objectives in building it out.
  • Our Classified Platform sites and projects in development:
    • Harvest Lancaster –  a site for direct to consumer surplus agricultural products from Lancaster County Pennsylvania.
    • The Activists Market: A virtual flea market and classifieds platform directed at those who live lift passionately. What If you could have a classifieds market place similar to the “Craig’s Lists” and “Face Book Market Places, ” But geared towards what you feel is the guiding parts of your life? A section devoted to Natural LOCAL Food? A section geared towards trade and barter of goods and services? and many other aspects of our lives that deserve our everyday attention? Part of living life passionately and with purpose is to vote with your wallet… This program is designed to help you do that throughout your daily life. This Program should be LIVE in the coming days.
    • -This one is essential oils, CBD, Natural Herbs, and Kratom Classifieds Site. Only Legal Items for sale
    • – This one is for Essential Oils ONLY
    • – for our organization like a virtual thrift store
      Farmers Market Online
      Classified Site with individual Stores as Well – subdomains
      Site that talks about the virtual farm store platform of the above domain
      Classified Site with different feel and a conglomerate approach. Where all of the different stores merchandise from above is pooled into one store and sold as such.
  • Families For Justice – our program that is all about families seeking justice in the face of a broken and corrupt system.
    • Information of LOCAL Families For Justice Groups and how to form one.
    • Families For Justice NEWS – Recent and current events related to all things Families for Justice
  • Farm Fresh Media – Additional Programs related that are in Development:
    • As well as training free lance journalists to factually cover current events. We are developing a STEP Group -Media related to this.
    • Farm Fresh Media Information Group is responsible for educational aspects regarding topics of Farms, Food, and Families.
    • Farm Fresh Media Marketing
      • (For profit marketing & advertising company)
        • formally Multi Dimensional Marketing -MDM. All Profits are used to fund other programs of GTKYF Foundation Inc.
        • STEP Group Marketing – Will include a full service branding, marketing, and advertising agency. Used to teach skills and employ those needing to learn a marketable skill.
        • Provide marketing, branding, and advertising services to all other aspects of GTKYF Foundation Inc and its family of programs.
        • Marketing Masters – for small and home based business market assistance.
        • Special Marketing Deals –
        • Market Me Please – Low cost focused on Gorilla Marketing to build small business and local economies.
  • Funding For Justice – Fundraising, seed money, loans and grant monies to assist with justice related issues. Will eventually include crowdfunding and micro loans for topics related to Justice issues.
    • Fundraising and Sponsorship Program
    • Trade / Barter / Services Exchange – with exchange notes and accounts
  • Fund Our Farm – Fundraising, micro loans, direct loans, and grants for family farms and other like minded agricultural endeavors. Including homesteads, off grid projects, and community gardens.  Will eventually include Crowd Funding and a networking option for direct loans for agricultural endeavors.
    • FOR FARMERS AND AGRICULTURAL ENDEAVORS – Trade / Barter / Services Exchange – with exchange notes and accounts
  • Get To Know Your Farmer – programs in development:
    • How to open or get involved with a LOCAL chapter of Get To Know Your Farmer
    • Network with other farmers and Agricultural endeavors in your local area and nation wide via Get To Know Your Farmer
    • Information on All things related to Getting To Know Your Farmer
    • Mobile App  – Connecting the Consumer to their Local Family Farmers.
    • Get To Know Your Farmer – The Business side – For Farmers  and other agricultural endeavors
    • Colorado Specific Get To Know Your Farmer
    • Other State Specific Get To Know Your Farmer Sites
  • Government Corruption Program – To expose and provide accountability to the corrupt Governments World wide.
    • Government Corruption Directory – a resource to locate corrupt government players.
    • Government Corruption Information – Information on Current affairs related to Government Corruption.
    • Government Corruption United States Specific
  • Healthy Families Local Food Fest – Providing assistance to develop LOCAL healthy family food fests across North America.
    • A Sustainable Living Event that won’t be bought out by corporate interests.
    • Additional locations and venues welcome.
    • Our Face Book Page for this project
  • I Support My Local Farmer
    • United States specific site
  • Just Us Riders Programs in Development
    • United States Specific Site for Just Us Riders
    • Just Us Riders Info on local groups and how to start your own
  • No More GMO Programs In Development
    • No More GMO Information explains GMOS and why we don’t want them.
    • United States Specific Site for No More GMO
  • Off Grid – Covering all things related to sustainable, alternative Living. Including Tiny Houses, alternative energy, sustainable food, and more.
  • Prosecute CPS – The Program dedicated to holding Child Protective Services accountable across the United States
    • Prosecute CPS Information: Stories of cases that Involve CPS and ideas on ways to hold them accountable.  Including a Members Only section where families can discuss and support each other in their cases.
  • Real Food Today – where people can go to find out information on “real food” and ways to eat naturally on a budget.
    • Real Food News is a newsletter related to eating Real Food
  • Save The Family Farmers – All about saving family farmers around the globe.
  • Take Back our Families: designed to take back our families that are being destroyed by our government. Strong Families = Strong Community = Strong Nation. Includes programs for the homeless, veterans, the disabled, foster children, those effected by CPS, and those involved with the corrupt criminal justice system.
    • United States Specific Information
    • Information on local groups and forming a local group
  • Take Back our Farms: designed to positively take back our farms that are under attack from all sides. To assist family farmers in becoming viable businesses without the government involvement. Promoting natural sustainable agriculture world wide.
    • United States Specific
    • Information of LOCAL groups and how to start one in your local area
  • Take Back our Food: designed to positively take back our access to real natural food, that our bodies were designed to live on.  To provide healthy affordable food access to all. To hold accountable those who wish to control and contaminate our food. To challenge the way our current food supply chain works and the access to food worldwide.  
    • United States Specific Program
    • Information on local groups and how to start your own group to “Take Back our Food”

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