Here is a overview of our current active public programs In alphabetic order:

  • Activism FYI – Resources, education, networking, and assistance for activists world wide involved with topics related to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. As well as locating local resources to help others volunteer and get involved with local groups. Also providing websites and resource support to Local grass roots groups to facilitate their growth and ability to effect change in their local community.
    • The Activists Market: A FREE virtual flea market and classifieds platform directed at those who live lift passionately. A part of our Classifieds Group.
    • The Big Give Challenge: Our parent Organizations answer to the United Way and their “Give Back Tuesday” as well as the ever successful “Ice Bucket Challenge”.
  • The Advocate: Advocacy for the everyday life we live. All things related to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. As well as Life Coach and Listening Ear Services.
  • Ethan The Farmer – This program is a platform for our founder to speak out, stand up, and continue to effect change on a broad range of topics. As he uses the many forms of technology to be a catalyst for a different world.
  • Our Classified Group – In an effort to provide a continued outlet and level of support to the small business and strong local economy we have developed and launched a family of targeted classified websites, physical involvement in Farmers Markets and Flea Markets. As well as an ever growing social media presence.
  • Farm Fresh Media – our full service Media Group – committed to covering all issues that the main stream media neglects, issues related to our core topics of Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom.
    • Through radio programs, podcasts, training webinars, documentaries, and printed media.
  • Get To Know Your Farmer
    • Ambassador Livestock – bringing the Farm to life!
      • Dolly The Llama – Our Ambassador
      • Service Animal Program
    • Farmers In Crisis Fund
    • Become Your Farmer Program
    • Certified Label Program
    • Conventional to Sustainable Program
    • Natural Weed and Pest Control Program
    • Save Family Farmers Program
  • Just Us Riders (aka Justice Riders)
    • Neighbors Helping Neighbors – a program about building community through service
    • Salt of the Earth Program – provide a platform to build strong community and give a hand up where needed.
    • Sustainability Services: Sustainable small business, farms, homesteads, families and households are a key ingredient in strong communities. We are here to help you and provide FREE phone, email, video consulting services to help you reach this goal and assist in developing a comprehensive plan to accomplish this goal.  We also offer onsite physical consultations for nominal costs to cover our over head of these services.
    • Workshops: Life should be a constant learning curve through these workshops available both in person and via the internet in a group format or in “one on one coaching”. We strive to offer a way to learn ways to achieve strong communities, healthy & strong families, healthy food, and strong profitable family farms.
    • “The Endeavor”: This includes visiting 350 cities, towns, and communities across the United States. Going from “Sea to Shinning Sea,” covering 5600 miles in a year. The demonstration tiny home, the ambassador live stock, and many of the other programs will play an intricate part. We would encourage people to join us on our journey. And come with us from city to city, helping to create a wave of action to draw attention to what our goverment is doing.  Providing resources for people to get involved in taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom. Our desire is to provide a catalyst in an effort to spark the change we desire to be in our communities across the country.
    • “Chores For A Cause”– In a given community youth, and others wishing to volunteer their time doing the menial and other type of chores for others in the community, and their wages (either paid from the individuals receiving the service – or via sponsorships) are donated back to a specific “cause” that the persons are passionate about. Along the Endeavor route of Just Us Riders some of the crew are engaging in this program to help keep them in “spending money” while they commit to investing a year of their life in making a difference.  This program also serves to develop one on one relationships between those providing the labor and those receiving it. These relationships help build strong communities and lifelong friendships.
    • “Helping Hands All Over”
      • What does this program do? The core aspects of this program include:
        • Promoting LOCAL commerce via trade of goods and services. When a community barters for the goods and services needed to make life go around with their neighbors, they are feeding the local economy.  Helping Hands All Over By Bartering.
        • Facilitating the Community of helping hands for those who need it. Many of those in the community need an extra hand but cannot afford to pay the corporate rates out there. We encourage a out of the box thinking, for those tasks that another hand would make all the difference.  Helping Hands All Over Out of the Box Tasks and Gigs.
        • Some people need help in their everyday life. Many of the Elderly, Disabled, and even those single parents with children need someone to lend a Helping Hand without padding the wallets of the big corporations and those in power.  Elderly, Disabled, and even child care done in a manor where it helps build strong communities through local economy.  Helping Hands All Over Companionship
    • “Little Free Library” – The concept of the “Little Free Library” helps build community and helps people have access to knowledge that they otherwise may not have. Here at Just Us Riders, we have expanded on the concept to include more than just books, and encourage all those along the route and in the communities we are involved in to build their own libraries as well. We not only have an assortment of books related to topics that we are passionate about, but we also have other printed resources, seeds, and even tools that are part of our “Little Free Library”. All of these different aspects of what we envision and offer in our mobile little free library are aspects that help build strong local communities. If you have books, printed materials, seeds, or tools you wish to donate for use in this program, please do CONTACT US here.
Littles Doggy Doing her part to make a difference.
  • Just Us Riders continued:
  • My Victory Garden – A program committed to helping people grow their own food, including homesteading and community gardens.
  • No More GMO – our program advocating for the end to genetically Modified Organisms world wide
  • Retooling Program – resources and education to retool those who desire or need additional skills, primarily related to trades and craftsmen. Some Tech programs coming as well.  Teaching people basic home repair, gardening, animal husbandry, auto maintenance, and technology aspects of life.  As well as more in depth skills and trades like plumbing, electrical, welding, black smithing, roofing, drywall, flooring and more. This Program is Active but is being revamped and moved under the STEP Group at sometime in the near future.  

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